Who we are_

We aim to become trusted punchy allies of our customers being recognised as smart, thoughtful, and creative partners with an eclectic flavour.

Bring always that special memorable touch to the projects accomplished together is our motto.
Maximizing the way our client teams of employees engage at work is what we do.

If you can evoke emotion, you can drive behaviour. Discover our “Whys” briefly at Smartcompass MANIFESTO

Humble but strong •  Stable but rebellious • Giver and committed

“Our strength together will be powerful
beyond measure and beautiful beyond description”

Creative consultancy

“ Our product is personified in the integrity of our people
and the quality of their work and behaviour ”

James O. Mckinsey, founder of Mackinsey & Co

What´s your talent?

“We believe in the new generation of workforce, where interaction at work is an inflection point as global competition, more flexible an disaggregated jobs”


“We all are endless seekers of dreams looking for new challenges,
although believers that reaching the destination is not the most
indulge award but who to meet along the way”


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“ What we do, makes us great.
How we do it, makes us unique.”