We are based in London, UK, in the flourishing neighborhood of Chelsea.

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Curious about London?

Welcome to our neighbourhood.

Modern London city is a melting pot of music and multiculturalism where 300 languages are spoken.
There is always something new to explore in this 21st-century city with 32 boroughs and with history back to Roman times.

We are Londoners by foundation, world travellers by passion, global citizens by nature as our team comes from diverse homelands across the globe.
You can find us in the flourishing neighbourhood or Chelsea. Our particular hub of inspiration, although, our work habit is working remotely.

We are free connected minds, so you may be able to find us at any time in any place around the world.

An area that holds an exhilarating story dated from ancient times.
Nowadays, home of wealthy residents and temporary citizens from all around the world but it was also once described as “a village of palaces”.

An inspirational hub in the heart of London, featured by its unique architecture, bustling daily life coexisting in contrast
with the quiet life of the residents in typical Chelsea houses, beautifully preserved.

Chelsea, it famous for the writers who lived there during the 19th and 20th century, for the kings and nobles from XVI century for
being the centre of innovation and influence, a colony of an artist in the Victorian era and hub of everything creative and fashionable in the ’60s.


Warm wishes from the Smartcompass team.
Looking forward to meeting you soon.


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