Muay Thai kick boxer. Professional fighter
Warrior Business Journey Master coach at Smartcompass.


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer, kickboxing and Muay Thai instructor
  • 1st degree black belt in Kickboxing.

Currently living in London (England, UK). Homeland, Italy

“Positive mindset, everything has a reason to be so and perfection is only achievable by endless hours of practice.”


Positive mindset, never gives up attitude, passion, perseverance, reliability, warm heart and respect. Enthusiasm focused on to succeed.


Courageous and focused-driven, perseverant with the ability to work under pressure and the confidence in myself to always overcome uncomfortable situations and move forward with determination.

Great teammate and motivator, always open to new ideas. Flexibility, adaptability taking pride in own rewards and proud of the achievement as a team allow me to re-energise myself to keep going looking for new challenges.




- Sacrifice-Suffer-Success is all -

My experience as a professional fighter has taught me how to actively engage Martial Arts in different environments, from Gym workouts by blending the techniques with weight training and tailored nutritional program to a Business environment where I have the opportunity to infuse the fundamentals of the Martial Arts, Muay Thai in particular, with the traits that a business leader needs to succeed, helping the male and female leadership members to increase their potential by thinking like warriors while at the same time I teach them the techniques and we sweat buckets practising on the 'dojo'.

I started kickboxing at the age of 12 and joined the Italian national team of kickboxing 3 years later. I take great pride in winning the kickboxing Italian championship 6 times. Competing for the kickboxing world championships for 4 years involved an exciting journey where we traveled across the world, Florida, Ireland, Portugal...

Although the sweetest reward came afterward when I moved to New York to start competing as a professional fighter. I joined a great team under the direction of legend titled as Coban or Kongnapa. I had the chance to fight at the Madison Square Garden and taste the flavour of the victory and learn from the loss. An incredible learning experience and a fabulous booster to my career for a young man of 22.

Every experience in life teaches you how to take the next step in life and I feel grateful to continuously keep on the search for new challenges, having Muay Thai, my values and love for my family at the core and always open to new possibilities and meet new people.

Currently living in London, I've been training at the KO Muay Thai Gym and fighting under the direction of Bill Judd. I've had the privilege to fight the Muay Thai Grand Prix promotion at the O2 Arena in London.


¨No matter how many surgeries/injuries I will have, I will not stop till I reach my goal.¨ 


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True Warrior, Muay Thai and kick boxer professional fighter.

Don’t stop fighting to make your dreams come true means his stance in life.

Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people encourage Gab’s passions to perform. Personal trainer with the ability to raise your potential by thinking like a warrior, infusing you with a never give up attitude that it is contagious.

Positive mindset, everything has a reason to be so and perfection is only achievable by endless hours of practice.


Warmhearted, enthusiastic, friendly, happy nature, flexible, respectful, thoughtful and humble embrace Gab’s character

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