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Every time a crisp project comes on board, a sense of exhilaration and eagerness for The New gives us butterflies. Discover what happens behind the scenes of a project. The story that transforms an initial agreement into a real experience deserved to be told.

Every project is like a new story written on a clean sheet of paper, like a film that is about to start production.LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION. An initial agreement as the great cast of writers and endless material to work with Framework, Goals, Method of work, Storyline,
Timeline, Milestones, Deliverables,
and a backpack full of ideas, imagination, and eagerness to make the customer team (YOU) feel proud of the result accomplished on joint collaboration


“When you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing that you are working to make things better”

Albert Einstein

The story that I´m sharing here goes back a few months ago. The Warrior Business Journey for a Fashion British Brand in the Luxury Goods Industry. Purpose? To empower managers to drive their teams differently to further establish a culture of performance. How can they do differently to strive to achieve better results? 

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The customer came with this wish in our first meeting: How to make it brilliantly in every interaction with our customers along the sales cycle. “We know what to do. We already have implemented a step-by-step process, but how can we make it differently?”

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Everything starts by trying to go through the experience of the customer, fostering an intentional and proactive approach to understanding the customer’s business. A well-defined  #salesmethodology should provide and promote: Anticipation, Predictability, Consistency, Collaboration, and wings to unleash Creativity

Strategic Mindset. Boarding in a new solution smoothly. Adoption plan - People centered.
"People don’t like to change but we all want to perform and develop."

Winning teams

We like to think about a process that starts by envisioning goals and setting framework, doing a strategy in a scientific method of observation, collecting data and testing, Align, schedule activities and milestones to develop and deliver and analyse results to perform and evolve.

Once your new process or software solution has been implemented, you understand goals, benefits and expectations. BUT, HOW TO GET ON BOARD
“It’s all about behaviours, attitude and perception”

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Lights... Understanding needs, pains and wishes to create a robust framework embedded into knowledge.

Camera... Creating the full concept and content of the project spiced with a distinction that makes it unique. Everything has a reason to be so. Eventually, all pieces fall into place.


Action!... Executing as part of the process of delivering, excelling in the HOW to accomplish satisfaction. Thoughtful ideas and well executed acts create the deluxe result. Not everything needs to be seen, but if it is smartly implied, it will be perceived as exceptional.

After DELIVERY... Supporting. A bond created forever because we´ll be there at anytime for you to face challenges and celebrate victories.

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“ Every customer has a unique story to tell. There is no project equal to another.
That’s the heartbeat that Re-energises new ideas”