Muay Thai and MMA instructor. Professional fighter Warrior Business Journey Master coach at Smartcompass.


  • Fitness instructor at “Federazione Italiana fitness FIS” 2010  Personal trainer school level 2 (fitness instructor) and 3 (Personal Trainer) recognised by E.S.A European Fitness Association
  • Muay Thai instructor at “FIMT Federazione Italiana Muay Thai” 2015  Muay Thai instructor degree for amateur and pro classes:  boxing, kicks, elbows, knees and clinch. Strength and conditioning circuits. Nutrition and weigh control
  • University of Psychology “La Torretta Firenze”
    2005-2008. Bachelor degree in Psychology and application in sport Psychology


"To know a thing for understanding a ten thousand" Miyamoto Musashi


Mentality, Techiques and Strength


A highly competent and enthusiastic personal trainer who has a professional activity in fighting and teaching in pro martial arts such Muay Thai, K1, Grappling and MMA. Proven ability to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Excellent leadership skills, dynamic interpersonal communication skills and strong mentoring ability. Equipped to support the mission of any athletic program.




- Perseverance is all -

Active fighter and striking coach for Muay Thai and MMA Strength and conditioning circuits. Pre fight process for first timers, amateurs, and pro fighters. 

Currently living in London (UK). Was born in Italy.

Sports and Martial Arts in particular are teaching me every day. Mind, Body, and Soul are developed in equal balance. It’s all about a deep understanding of one’s ability.

Having a psychology bachelor's degree is been a great contribution to my sport’s career as a fighter and also something that I keep developing in every coaching session. Understanding how to use sports psychology techniques addressed to emotional control, confidence, and mental toughness or even sub-themes such as self-talk, breath control or scouting can change the perception of enhanced athletic performances by gaining self-confidence by respecting your strengths and your opponent’s weaknesses.

I consider that to achieve our best performance in any task, we just need to take 3 simple themes on board: training, nutrition, and rest.


Graphic design developed in my free time and a passion for playing games, mainly football games enclose the main features of my personality. Mediterranean soul, family comes first, a healthy and simple life keeps me up.

My career as a Martial Artist and professional fighter* has been short, compact, and intense. I had my first fight as an amateur just after a few months after my first training, and my pro debut after only 2 years of practice. I won the Portuguese champion title and couldn’t stop since then.

Though the connection with sports comes earlier in my life and from a different path. I was a professional football player** in Italy since I turned 18 years old before having any interaction with Martial Arts. An unfortunate injury turned my career upside down, but the setback became my point of strength later on in life.

I was recommended to practice Martial Arts to strengthen the injured area, and that meant the cornerstone of a different path in my professional life. I still remember the first punch I threw. I immediately got engaged.

To me, fighting means raising the bar of a challenge a little bit more every time. Small daily improvements will make a big difference over time if you persevere.

Thanks to Martial Arts I´ve become a great believer with a can-do attitude and never give up a mindset that encourages me to look for the next challenge with determination. Setbacks and obstacles become a strength if you learn how to deal with them

I didn´t always count on the support of the people surrounding me, I started Martial Arts at a late age compared to the standards. I changed disciplines, moving from Muay Thai to BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu) and grappling, and nowadays, when most colleagues my age think about retirement, I´m more than eager to raise the bar again and look forward to the next fight.

Looking at fighters like Glover Texeira in the UFC raising up the world championship belt at the age of 46  gives a lot of hope and becomes an inspiration to follow. Age is really a number if you believe it is.

This is simply a beautiful sport where respect, mental ability, and strength will embrace your to succeed in life.

“I broke my nose twice and I turned this into a motivation to improve myself. I had to overcome the lack of support of my beloved ones, and the lack of confidence of my colleagues because of my short career and the age gap. I didn´t care, yet the opposite. They were reasons for me to test myself and achieve what it looked impossible to others. It said that if you win, you can carry on, but it is not that simple. You need a thick skin and to be mentally skilled like a pro.”

*First gym in London, and the best Muay Thai gym in town, KO gym, training with highly qualified and well-known professionals like Greg Wooton, Amanda Kelly, David Paquette, and more under the guidance of Bill Judd, honored as one of the best Muay Thai coaches of all times. Learning BJJ and grappling has been the hardest thing for me so far, as I came from a striking background. It demanded quickness, as the time for me was thickening quicker than younger fighters. I had 2016, 2 amateur fights and in 2018 I had my first pro fight already in Wales. It was tough but worth every drop of sweat, I learned a lot and had the pleasure to train with the best in the business. 

** Playing as a professional football player with Lazio, Venetia, Inter, and 3rd division with Prato


¨Thanks to Martial Arts I´ve become a great believer with a can-do attitude and a never give up  mindset that encourages me to look for the next challenge with determination¨ 


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Muay Thai, MMA instructor and professional fighter.

My method of training and coaching is that everyone has his own style, we have to let it show up, and from there we start to work on it.

The idea of reshaping someone completely from the ground is wrong. We all have a past, a present, and a future that influences us in our daily routine, it's the trainer's job to understand how to get the best of everyone in every situation. 


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