Principal at Smartcompass. 
Creative Business Strategist.


Bachelor´s degree in Science Physics  (Astrophysics and Meteorology),  University of Salamanca (Spain).  Postgraduate master in Finance and Marketing at IE.

Married. Mother of 3. Currently living in London (England, UK).

“Leadership with strong customer focus, building relationships of trust and partnership spiced with a hint of craziness and can-do attitude.”


Honesty, passion, perseverance, rationality, reliability, and enthusiasm for every task I’m involved in.


Focused, problem-solving, organised and structured, quiet and observant, excellent communication and presentation skills, hardworking, analytic, reliable, productive, creative, passionate about rising to new challenges and building world-class teams.



- Balance is all -

I love making connections between apparently remote topics. I’m a dreamer and a doer. Scientific background,  professional beginnings rooted in strategic consultancy (the former Arthur Andersen), then moving into the creative industry, branding, architecture and design, and lastly blending all acquired learning into consultancy but from a creative perspective, leading Smartcompass along with the rest o the team.

I have a “square brain” but likes touches others’ emotions. Rebel and calm, thoughtful and crazy thinker out of the box, passionate and rational, perfectionist and hard worker. 

My best achievement till now has been learning to love and be loved by the people who surround me, respect with profound acknowledgment the roots of my family, be human, be happy, be thankful. 

The city we were born, the place we raised in, the people who surround us from the very first second of existence, every experience, travel, learning, gen of our DNA influence our body and character. Learning from the past, making the most or your present, planning for the future to come, entail the whole journey of life.

I am the woman who was born to be and I embrace my feminine thinking like a warrior. I am a warrior woman.

Entrepreneur by nature, what pulls you up from rock bottom every time you may feel out of balance? When everything around us quakes like a leaf, where do you find something to cling to?

Strong family bonds and knowing yourself better than anyone else will help you to define your stances and find something the stick to cling to. Your character is determined by your actions and your actions are driven by your behaviours. Where do our behaviours come from, then? desire, emotion, knowledge. 

TODAY, I’m the blending of all my experience spiced with the values, faults and dreams that add the flavour to my life.

Fighting spirit. Humble heart. I like to stick to it.

Sports have nurtured my stance in life. Athleticism (sprinter), Handball, swimming, ski and for the last 12 years, boxing and martial arts have been an incredible booster to my character, with the right traits to raise my attitude to always move forward with determination, confident and yet humble. Distractions and obstacles become less intimidating.

A never give up attitude that I leave with you to reflect on it and become part of the pack: proud women, fighters, feminine, dreamers, humble, WARRIORS. Men and Women stronger together.

Do you want to keep a secret for me? "When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut!"




¨Everything is seen through your mind´s eyes, so if you change your mind, y
ou change the entire world¨ 


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Passionate about raising to new challenges and building world-class teams.

Founder of Smartcompass, with humble confidence yet brave in character and endless passion.

Square brain but like to touches other’s emotions.

Made by contrasts. Bachelor degree in Science Physics-Theoretic and Astrophysics-, developing her professional career between Strategic Business Consultancy and Design, Architect and Branding Industries.

Entrepreneur spirit, Big Thinking mindset. 
Your values and the values of the people who surround you matter the most.

Empowering women, equality, diversity and inclusion foster my desire to make this world better.


Dreamer, warrior, methodic, committed, detail-oriented, perfectionist, perseverant, respectful and reliable.

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