Mentoring programme

Mentoring programme



Ohana Scholarship Programme, sponsored by Smartcompass.We take pride to help create the leaders of tomorrow, to support and mentor young female students at Saint Martins School in Kigabare, Kenya, to pursue their dreams and continue their studies at the University. It is not only covering tuition and living expenses abroad but also providing hands-on mentorship and guidance. A life changer.

This year, Faith Ndung’u will pursue her studies at the prestigious African Leadership University, ALU.
First sponsored ambassador of Empowering Young Women Mentoring Programme and prized member of Journalism Club

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Saint Martins School

Leading the Journalism Club, “The JC”, providing vision, mission, method, skills, providing knowledge to train the Girls in Secondary School to make them face their lives with confidence enough that they are capable.

The journalism Club Lab

We are organised in 5 Activity Boxes, each of one, with different purposes, goals and teams. Meetings, Brainstormings, Documents, Research, Deliverables... feeding the Social Media activity of the School, creating stories, interviewing, learning how to develop a Documentary Film, how to work as a team, how to communicate effectively, how to design our office and a curatednrange of softskills that equip these girls as a world class personas.

A factory of dreams. ¨Live the story you want to tell¨
Warm wishes from the Journalism Club


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Sponsor a child in Africa

Sponsoring pupils at School, either Primary or Secondary School, donating money to pay for the fees and primary needs o be able to cover School cost. This is a one-to-one relationship with the family of the sponsored child. becoming part of the Ohana Saint Martins School forever.




1/ Get in touch with Alfred Aswand, the project manager of the School by email or text +254 725 468 431

2/ Visit the web of the School 3/ Contact us at Smartcompass and we’ll help you with your purpose


A way of giving back that has become a way of living to make a difference, to lose yourself in the service of others which teaches you to be grateful, tolerant, kind. 3 years ago, we jumped on to a trip to Saint Martins School, Kibagare, one of the poorest slums in the ourskirts of Nairobi in Kenya (Africa).

We arrived with nothing but our willing to somehow do our best to help those people living in disadvantge situations. Nowadays, we are aiming high, fostering the chance of a better future through education. There is hope, joy, love,wishes and a long journey, an exciting path ahead of us that we want to walk along together. From the very first touch point with these girls, boys, the sisters and the supportive teachers, they captured our hearts and we engaged with their starving minds thrilled to learn, fearless to explore.
We are doing our best. It will never be enough, but we won´t give up. Every single drop counts.



What benefits does a mentor receive from mentoring? When Mentorship leads to meaningful work? Benefits for receiving mentorship are more frequently discussed, but it is also a good brainstorming to identify specific benefits of being a mentor. With the prompt response, I would highlight the following:

  1. Professional Development: Developing your experience, mentoring and coaching skills. Experience and an increasing touching point with different use cases are key for a mentor to be equipped with an accute toolkit of new perspectives and insights to improve the mentorship expertise with new mentees.
  2. Personal fulfillment and satisfaction to help others to grow and develop in their aspirations, goals, careers, dreams. Helping others is a key antidote to loneliness, stress, unhappiness and any other signal of lack of Mental Health. Either if you mentor as volunteer as we do at Smartcompass or it is part or your professional career, to mentor others should become part of our bucket list in life.
  3. Social recognition, increasing confidence, networking connections, reputation, communication skills

Success is never reached alone, but as a team.

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“To inspire and empower women is our must. It´s not just about us,
but enabling future female generations to play a role in the world as leaders“