What if to learn we focus first in finding unlearn rewarding?

UNLEARN, LEARN and RELEARN have become crucial skills in a rapidly changing marketplace that we are immersed everyday.
Is a new process, tool or software being implementing in the Company? Change Management theories, Adoption Plans, Employee Engagement Programs switch on to help on the need to smoothen the painful process of shifting to the new thing.

Facing the unfamiliar and being uncomfortable are involved in the process to move forward!
Be fearless. It will pay off: You will feel empowered, capable and eager to grasp new ideas; To expand your horizons.
Our ability to unlearn enables us to adapt to new environments finding ourselves comfortable being uncomfortable. Become a proficient ‘unlearner’
It requires a bit of courage, a hint of self-belief and a dose of patience to allow your habit be transferred to a new behaviour or simply evolve into a better working process in your daily routine.

Unlearning does not entail forgetting what we already know. It is about setting aside our acquired frame of reference to approach a new situation with an open mind. When we unlearn, we step outside our current mental model to choose a broader outlook to address the situations more efficiently. We become achiever minds willing to learn and accomplish successfully.



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