Creating greater value for customers at a higher cost or creating reasonable value at a lower cost? It’s the mindset of a red ocean strategist.

However, blue ocean #strategists pursue differentiation and low cost simultaneously = value #innovation

We practise value innovation every day for you at SmartCompass, by delivering new fresher perspective to your customer value proposition, improving your sales cycle methodologies or designing employee engagement programs to motivate and retain your talent, and we do by introducing blending what it works on other industries to enrich yours.

FINDING PARALLELISMS. We love finding connections between apparently remote topics. There is an ongoing raising call for creative new solutions at SMARTCOMPASS and we believe that the connected remote worlds benefit greatly. That momentum created is innovation.

HOW about using #MartialArts as vehicle to maximise the potential of your #female employees, providing them a set of ethic warrior skills?. Martial Arts, teaches you respect, courage, focus, balance, resilience. Those traits blend with the skills of a great #business person, right? How about if we learn how to improve our #focus or test our resilient while practicing a few strikes, kicks or punches?

HOW about relating the way that #Luxury #fashion #brands build an unparalleled personal service to your own customer value proposition?. It drives customer’s loyalty beyond reason. It releases the trigger to connect emotionally with the customer. Luxury is not to be shown, it is discrete and true elegance. Pure definition of excellence.

Are you dare to try it?



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" Passion to perform. Train your mind to think differently. Dare to connect different worlds.
Make it simple but significant and beautiful. Break the mould."