People are - We are- the strategy of our companies in motion. How to leverage this premium asset and deliver success to our Organization?. When running a new process, tool, or program, to cover the gap between the strategy design or the “go live” after implementation and the successful delivery, we train our people. Ultimately, they are the unique enablers to make it real.


When training your people, the workforce, you focus on maximizing their potential, on developing the set of skills and mindset needed to accomplish a task, process, or responsibility. We could talk about particular skills or capabilities or mindset but this time, I’ll point out a more fundamental baseline that defines us deeply: our behaviours and actions.

    We are what we think. We become how we behave and act.

    Our character is determined by our actions and our actions are driven by our behaviours.

When we implement a new process or tool, or when we encourage people to be more innovative and creative, why don't we think in the first place about the behaviours, attitudes, and perceptions we want them to perform and feel as triggers of the actions we want them to tackle? Instead of providing the list of required actions at front, we would be promoting our people to own the required actions as a result.

It requires a good understanding our workforce, their capabilities, needed skills, and potential, but we don't need to deep down on all of them from the beginning, rather than we focus on HOW we trigger the conditions.


Behaviour is (uncountable) human conduct relative to social norms while Action is something done so as to accomplish a purpose.

Action is tied to physical activity. Behaviour is what motivates our actions.
To get people to do something, your messages must provide an emotional trigger. “Emotional” refers to the non-rational side of ourselves that is often, subconsciously, driving our actions. If the know, they understand, and they will be eager to get involved, but knowing is not enough. You must and apply.

We are motivated primarily by how we feel and by what others around us are doing.
The real drive to act comes from the motivators, the behaviours that applied on a cadence basis, they become what we are and trigger our strategy to act accordingly towards the goal.
When looking for motivators, surround yourself with simplifiers rather than complicators. Be simple, thoughtful, passionate, clear, with “can-do attitude”.

If you lead a team, know your people and make them feel, perceive, and guide them to the right conduct and make it a habit. Emotion, Motivation and Habit first (link to behaviours) first and then, Purpose, Intentionality, and Methodic Move secondly. Productivity will follow seamlessly as a result.

(Complementary source: Brightline. Project Management Institute.)



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