This is one of our favourite soft skills for Excellence #Leadership. There are some soft skills that promote your ability to increase productivity, efficiency, endurance, unleash creativity and a bunch of many others boosters but there are others, like RESPECT that become triggers, the baseline and perfect start to set your potential in motion.

#Respect is about active listening. At its core, a continuous process or paying attention to people, treating everyone—regardless of rank, status, or position–with the same genuine regard and consideration, you would like them to give you.
Respectful #leaders are respected leaders. They become more resilient and confident and #teams led with genuine respect they are more likely engage, to stay loyal and go the extra mile, becoming more agile and accountable. Respect goes hand in hand with gaining trust.

Welcome new ideas and feedback. Encourage your team to look for ways to make it better and trust them. Let them to fail and bounce back again. Trust them. Give them the responsibility their playrole is meant to.

#BeAware and compassionate
#BePresent, focused and listening actively to the person/s you are meeting with (no distractions with incoming calls/ emails….). Walk your talk, saying what you mean and meaning what you say.
#BeKind, smiling and determined.

Don´t forget that RESPECT is a skill of action.

There is a quote that I love, learnt from the fundamental of Martial Arts, which I encourage you to seek and understand the meaning of the greeting 押し忍ぶ (???????????????? ????????????????????????????), a sign of respect that means “????????????????+????????????????????????”. A trait of a true #warrior, The spirit of #Determination and #Perseverance.



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