They are hard to change when you pretend get rid of a bad one. They are so ingrained!. But how effortless it happens once you know how to do a task. Your acts are stereotyped, your mind might not even notice the #hardwork, so there is room for improvement. That’s the power of a #habit.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit. Thinking big + doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Your business mindset for today.
We are creatures of habits and self-change. Intelligent and social creatures.

Our behaviours drive our business. At Smartcompass we join the dots on your #sales #strategic #processes to execute brilliantly.

The blue print for success base on a profound understanding of the customer and a great dose of the passion of how we do what we love to do. 

#relaxing , curious #reading abolir habits in life, if you feel keen to whip through  “Making habits, breaking habits”



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" Passion to perform. Train your mind to think differently. Dare to connect different worlds.
Make it simple but significant and beautiful. Break the mould."