No knowledge in the mind.⁣
Not everyone has talents, a special innate genetic ability or aptitude, but we all can be skilled, as skills come from knowledge.⁣

In simple words, we can be good at whatever we want. It doesn't mean it is easy as requires an incredible amount of discipline and effort during a certain time.⁣
But YES, we all can increase our abilities with appropriate knowledge, motivation, training, and focused practice. Start by willing it and then apply what is needed to accomplish it.⁣
And don't limit yourself to what you think you are good at.⁣

Regardless of how your brain is wired, get in touch with “your other side of the brain”. It will help you see- and draw - things differently.⁣

Remember that if you persist, and you are smart and determined, there is nothing that can stop you!⁣

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“ Look at usual things with unusual eyes.” Dare to be creative.
” Make the invisible visible”. Think, Feel, Dream, Explore, Explode, Accomplish. Make it happen “