Summertime in the North Hemisphere; days are longer, nights are shorter, if we are night thinkers and day doers, this is the time to act, feeling the fresh are the warm hug of the summer days.

SMARTCOMPASS. Your Creative Business Partner.
We would love to engage with you.
We are Dreamers and Doers, Givers and Committed. We are known amongst our customers as a fresh thoughful and creative partner, focused on the HOW, balancing IQ and EQ, we work side by side with you to maximise the way that your team accomplishes and engages at work. Experiential Creative Consultancy- from Employee engagement Programmes to Sales Methodologies and Strategic Mindset and a extraordinary Audiovisual Media Production.

Creativity, Experiential Approach and Smart Thinking Process. Those are the ingredients to accomplish our work.

We look to unleash imagination, to influence in the lives of the people involved around us, making them feel engaged, motivated, empowered, capable accountable and agile.

We look for the WOW! We look for you.
Fighting Spirit- Humble Heart- Forever Warriors

Are you ready?



Head of Audiovisual Production
Captivating content AV editing and post-production


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“ Look at usual things with unusual eyes.” Dare to be creative.
” Make the invisible visible”. Think, Feel, Dream, Explore, Explode, Accomplish. Make it happen “