A new skill to take away with us to become good leaders and better personas.
Compassionate #leadership is not particularly seen in popular lists of the leadership styles, but it plays an upstanding role as a competitive edge that pays off in the long run. Compassion gives you the ability to understand other’s situation and feel motivated to take action to relieve their pain.

Far from being a “touchy-feely” or even intangible skill, it closely related to talent retention and productivity.
WHY? Isn’t talent retention linked to work satisfaction, organizational commitment, and accountability on the job?

As you move up in the organization you will excel in a nutshell as much as you are able to deliver strategic vision and effective delivery, develop a strong customer focus and delegate and empower people who become raving fans and loyal followers.
But neither passion nor loyalty is given for granted. Both come from a leadership behaviour that implies treating one another with respect, gratitude, trust, and integrity, enabling people to function and thrive in teams, committed and passionate about what they do.
A toast for that kind of personas who act with compassion.

Google’s Project #Aristotle ( sought to uncover the variables associated with the highest team performance and is an example of discovering that the most effective teams were compassionate.
Another acknowledgement that deserves to mention. “Managing compassionately is not just a better way to build a team, it’s a better way to build a company” #JeffWeiner, CEO at #LinkedIn.

Sensible thoughts, kind words, bearing in mind the ones who surround yourself, clever leadership lessons, simple advice: #BE.

Jeff Weiner 
Be Compassionate - Wharton Undergraduate Commencement Speech, 2018 



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