* July, 2019. Our last trip to #Africa sealed our commitment.

Drugs, violence, lack of primary livelihoods, surround the #School. The Sisters become angels for the boys and girls granted to receive education and keep protected within the walls of the School building.

Women population are playing a crucial role in the community. They are strong, capable and unbeatable.
This Year, a group of 40 volunteers from US, UK and Spain arrived there loaded with enthusiasm, willingness and respect. Salesforce opened the door for me 2 years ago and now, it is a nonstop thinking about how to create new opportunities for the students, sisters and the community of #Kibagare.

Sarah and myself, representing the 9 women who are part of the #EYW Pride spent quality time with the girls of Secondary School, more than 200 female teenagers, future generation of powerful women and we are determined to inspire, to get them prepared in advance, providing a set of strong fundamental values and skills to take the most of the opportunities that they will work for in the journey of their life. * Empower is not getting power but using the power to become great contributors to improve #humanity.
Throughout a series of webinar lectures, an elite group of volunteer #women, we share our own life’s lessons, fears and beliefs that fuel our actions.

We learn about #Courage#Humility#Patience#Passion#Strength beyond #beauty.

"Find something to look forward to.
Find something that makes your heart beat with eagerness.
Find your passions, your potential and your purpose.
Pursue your dreams.
Be humble, Be strong, Be passionate.
Listen to yourself, Learn from life, Love yourself.
Look in the mirror every day and say: “I love you”. I am a #woman.
We are, a pride"


Focused on the HOW, loving methodical tactics and global thinkers outside of the box on nonstop blending creativity and strategy. That’s our mainstay at #Smartcompass

Committed to improve humanity, empower women and respect our environment. Best fans of our customers, best partners of our employees and collaborators. As the Art of War reads: “One may how to conquer the world before being able to do it” “if you know yourself and you know the enemy, you need no fear to 100 battles” “Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows. Soldier works out his victory in relation to the foe whom he is facing” by Sun Tzu, Chinese book of military #strategy.

Be adaptable, flexible, observant, curious, respect and learn from your past and be ready for the new. 
Now that Summer brings a nice warm Sun, Play, travel, joy, reflect, renovate. It is a perfect lapse between winter and Autumn for restoring your #soul and refreshing your #mind. Mind and soul drive your behaviours and impact in the choices we make everyday.

Smell the sea, feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly. Your brain will reset, ready for a fresh start in the jungle again. 



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" Passion to perform. Train your mind to think differently. Dare to connect different worlds.
Make it simple but significant and beautiful. Break the mould."