Our favourite selection for you

COMPASS-GOODIES means our tasty offering to you of a curated series of ‘less than 1min video’ to provoke your mind and to re-energise new ideas.

Train you brain to think creatively. Perform a Creative Business MindsetFor those lifelong learners with a ‘teen’ attitude, eager to explore and conquer the world, we hope that our COMPASS-GOODIES favourite selection made for you feeds your brain and help your inspiration flourish.

And if you are keen to have them for your Company either to engage with your employees or to create a connection to your customers, we would be delighted to create them personalised for you. As a crisp and punchy Experiential Creative Consultancy, we’d love to revamp the process of how you approach and communicate to your customers. We believe that your prospects and clients may engage with your amazing product functionality, but you will secure a long term relationship if they engage with YOU and Your Company values and aspirations. How can you communicate it effectively? Our Compass-Goodies will enhance and delight the way you approach to your customers with these small candy pills filled up with thoughtful crisp content fused with smart and crazy visual landmarks.

This is the power of Audiovisual Communication.

There is always a hint of emotion involved in any kind of audiovisual communication and that heartbeat is essential to create the momentum of effective learning and unforgettable experience.



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“ Every customer has a unique story to tell. There is no project equal to another.
That’s the heartbeat that Re-energises new ideas”