Audiovisual Media Production enhances
the power to communicate effectively.


The "B E E P" momentum

5 senses on behaviour, effectiveness, emotion and perception. The “b e e p” momentum of an
Experiential Creative Journey together with Smartcompass.


5 senses of behaviour 


There is always a hint of emotion involved in any kind of audiovisual communication and that heartbeat is essential to create the momentum of effective learning and unforgettable experience.


WE TAKE PRIDE to be able to continue our contribution to our
Volunteering Project in Africa and doing it thanks to your support.

With every project that you embark on with Smartcompass integrating
our Audiovisual Production, you will be rallying efforts for the cause.


Smartcompass, where emotions and smart thinking processes come along seamlessly.

“ Tell me and I’ll forget, teach me and I’ll remember;
involve me and I’ll learn"

Benjamin Franklin


“You´ll perform better if you try things differently.”


Splashing with beautiful presentations, inspirational videos, punchy multimedia experience, interactive web applications, etc…

“ To ensure Speed, Retention and Clarity of the message. LESS is MORE"
(Improves retention by 29-42% *Mayer, R.E., 2009}

Heart & Brain seamlessly weaved together

Our proven result based on experience: Thoughtful, well addressed and personalised content shaped in
the most beautiful and suitable multimedia deliverable.

That’s the real success of Audiovisual Media impact on the audience.

“ Art challenges oneself to think, to provoke,
even to disturb in a constant search of truth.”

Barbra Streisand

Are you ready?


ENVISION, ENGAGEMENT AND ASPIRATION nurture a robust messaging approach that can explode through visual communication. 

To provoke your mind and to re-energise new ideas that will contribute to Envision and anticipate, to Engage with joy and to Aspire with humble yet determined focused on the future.

Train your brain to think creatively. Perform a Creative Business Mindset. Communicate with your 5 senses to be understood and seen as you wish, to foster a closer connection to your audience, promoting that sense of proudness and "togetherness", to anticipate and create a desire for change.




“ What we do, makes us great.
How we do it, makes us unique.”