Shall we dance? 

The power of co-creation, connection, collaboration.

We introduces one of our favourite, non-conventional and skilled Employee Engagement Programmes at Smartcompass that we call it “Dance Leadership at Stage”. 
The power of co-creation, connection, collaboration.

Dancing will definitely boost your mood, helps you to stay focused on the present and allows you to bond with your partner or team:

  1. To develop, inspire and motivate your workforce.
  2. To impact in talent retention fostering a dynamic and inclusive culture to engage in a different way.

Dance is an art with a universal language. Dance is a social activity that brings people together. It improves physical and mental health and is fun. 

The future of work is hybrid. Embracing hybrid working model requires a hybrid behaviour skillset. Avoid burnout by promoting well-being, combate fatigue and in-office unrest by facilitating stronger relationships. How you are perceived through the screen in a meeting is rather different than how you interact face to face. Manage both seamlessly and smartly, and learning it whilst dancing “on stage”. Thinking of news ways to bring people interacting and learning together? 
Thinking of how to provide your new employees with an engaging start training package to ramp up empowered and happier?

“ SIT LESS, MOVE MORE. Achieve 72% of improve time managment whilst dancing on the field”

Dance Leadership at Stage - Employee Engagement Programme

“You´ll perform better if you try things differently.”




“ What we do, makes us great.
How we do it, makes us unique.”