We all have responsibility about what we share in Social Media. 
There is a popular acronym that you may already know and it helps: THINK before you share:
is it 1 True 2 Helpful 3 Inspiring 4 Necessary 5 Kind - Give me 5 robust YES on the THINK test and you will be safer to share responsibly.

Like any technology, social media is a neutral tool—one that can be used effectively, as well as one that can be abused.
Adjust your habits. Don’t let social media make up the majority of your social interactions. Personal interactions, even remotely are healthier and most comforting and fulfilling.

Social Media can connect, can educate, and call kill - SHARE RESPONSIBLY (@lululemon )

We believe in people. We value trust. We celebrate the collaboration. Being emotionally connected, ethical, transparent, sustainable, human and charitable will trigger right conditions to behave responsibly.

That reads number 4 in our MANIFESTO and allows us to always prioritise to invest quality time to create valuable content that hopefully makes you think further and feel better. We love beauty and detailed works and we pursue to create connections and awaken your feelings to foster positive motivation to accomplish successfully.

That´s our way to share responsibly at Smartcompass. Make it yours. Start practising today and feel good.

Good vibes,



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“Technology is at the heart of sociability. Refresh your mind, Delete your problems, Undo the mistakes and Save the happy moments. Humanise technology. People are real changers of the world. “