#Global thinker, #Think Big, #Critical thinking, #Global Leadership, #Global view of human behaviour, #Global thinking approach…

Don’t they sound familiar to you as most of the common words found nurturing our speeches nowadays?
Loving both from my personal perspective, they foster curiosity and instils a wide approach to diverse, collaborative decision-making and greater cultural sensitivity.
Are you a global thinker? Here are some ‘DIYquestions’ to check your own:

Do you Look at the forest before noticing the trees? Set up the goal, gather information and then, come up with a strategy? A top-down approach with the ability for multitasking? Adaptable, tolerant, collaborative, compassionate, openminded?
It’s said that global thinkers have right-brain dominant activity, using intuition, creativity, feelings, non-verbal communication and imagination to a first approach of a situation, before giving way to logic, analysis and sequence.

As our mantra at #Smartcompass defines us, Brain and Heart seamless weaved. Thinking Global fits to us.
Creativity grounded in a profound understanding of your business to provide your leaders with a tool and skill set as true differentiation in quality of leadership.

#Harvard #Business Review, World Economic Forum, UCL research and many others echo their thoughts on the topic and have provided inspiration to our personal viewpoint.



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